We have reserved a block of rooms at The Woodlands for the wedding. Guest rooms with two double beds are $109/night, guaranteed from September 13 (the Tuesday before the wedding) through September 20 (the Tuesday after the wedding). You can upgrade to a suite at $139. A continental breakfast is included. The hotel is walking distance to the historic district, a medium walk or short drive to the Williamsburg Inn, and on the shuttle bus route to the Inn and historic Williamsburg.

You must make your reservation by August 16; after that it’s as available; you may cancel up to 3 business days before your reservation begins if necessary.

Phone: 800-261-9530 – Brown/Schubert wedding; booking code 17944


Thanks for stopping by, if you are reading this then you were invited to our wedding... if you weren't, leave. Just kidding, but no really, get out of here. There is going to be a lot of information posted here specifically about travel details as well as locations. We know that most of you are coming from out of town, and we are really grateful for that, however, this can lead to a lot of questions. Probably too many questions to fit on our invitation (which will be sent in due time, this website is not in lieu of said invitation) so this is just a place to display a lot of information to you.

So let's get to that information:
    September 17, 2011  
    St. John's Episcopal Church, 100 West Queens Way, Hampton VA, 23669
Williamsburg Inn, 136 East Francis St, Williamsburg VA, 23185
So to break that down
, the Ceremony and the Reception are in different cities, don't worry it's a short drive and will be worth the trip. This means that there are a few things to figure out, especially in accordance with the weekend's schedule (which is subject to change, your invitation will have the finalized schedule, but this preliminary one may help you plan your weekend). So here is that schedule:
  Wedding Ceremony, St. John's Episcopal Church
Cocktail Hour, Williamsburg Inn
Wedding Reception/Dinner, Williamsburg Inn
Busch Gardens (all day)
    hmmm... You may have noticed something strange in that schedule, something that may even be on the wrong day? The Williamsburg Inn is located only 10 minutes from Busch Gardens, soooo... We're going, and it would be pretty awesome if you came too. This of course is completely optional, we can't make you go, can we? But before you can even worry about any of that stuff you have to get here...  
    So the wedding is taking place in two locations, what to do? Which one should I go to, and of course how do I get there? Stop asking so many questions.  

By car:

By air:


For those coming from the Northeast, get to 95, then work your way to 64 and it's only a few miles from there. Seriously use google maps, I'm not going to type out directions for everyone.

The Newport News/Williamsburgh International Airport is the closest airport to all of the wedding festivities, Norfolk is also close, but NN/WIA is the preferable option. For all the Bostonians and New Yorkers that choose to fly, it is a direct flight from Logan or Laguardia, and only takes about an hour. Airtran, Delta, Frontier, and US Airways all fly into NN/WIA.

Once there, there are plenty of rental car options (you will need a car, get together and share one, save some dough), Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National are all there. Cars start at around $25 a day for an economy car (use kayak), if you want a Ferrari or a Bentley you're gonna have to fly into DC and drive the difference, but it's probably worth it.




Here are your options. It mainly comes down to price, there are a group of hotels that are all within walking distance of the Williamsburg Inn, and there is also a free shuttle bus that picks up and drops off at each one. Everything is walkable, there is no need to drive within Colonial Williamsburg, expecially if you've had a few drinks, just stumble your way home. Here's a map of the area, it's the best one I could find.

Williamsburg Inn. Pretty amazing, pretty expensive, only for the true ballers.

Williamsburg Lodge. Nice place, right across the street from the wedding.

Woodlands Hotel. Not as close as the Lodge, but easier on the wallet. There is also a cool elevated footbridge to the historic area.

Governor's Inn. The easiest on the wallet and pretty close, definitely a good alternative.

Or feel free to search for your own, use the address of the Inn (above) to search.

    There are a few things that don't necessarily fit into a neat and tidy category, so this is where they go to die... or rather just to be listed in random order.  



Hotel blocks:





I'm gonna be in a tux, I was forbidden to wear a full Celtic's uniform, so I guess it's safe to say it is going to be formal. The reception will be on grass, so keep that in mind when making shoe selections.

Strictly Vegan. HAHAHAHA just kidding! THERE WILL BE MEAT! And also a vegetarian option.

Due to the variety of hotels and prices, we will not be booking a block at any of the hotels, there are a lot of options so book early so you have a bed to sleep in, or under if you are a monster.

Bring your dancing shoes, there will be lots of it.

Bring em, I may get hungry and need a snack at some point.

There will be plenty of parking at both venues. If you choose not to walk to the Inn from your hotel, or if you are not staying in one of the Hotels, drive right up to the Inn, parking is readily available.

    If you have any, feel free to keep them to yourself. If you absolutely need an answer to something, I suppose you could email us at Can't wait to see you there!!!  

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